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Philip Martin

Discover a process you can rely on for problem solving and decision-making

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Many businesses struggle when it comes to problem-solving their financial and management issues. Sometimes the answer is as simple as a qualified pair of eyes who can apply years of proven experience to your unique situation.

Re-organise your finances to gear your business towards sustainable growth

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You would be amazed by how many businesses make things unnecessarily hard for themselves. PMCA works towards your financial best interests by restructuring your processes to achieve financial growth.

Improving your business in three practical steps

Step 1
Book a call for a discussion with Philip, who will listen to you, ask questions and note areas of concern.

Step 2
Let him loose on your company, researching your recent financial results, current business model and more to find areas needing improvement.

Step 3
Discuss his findings and your own thoughts to create a list of tasks to be completed. Prioritise and establish 90-day projects, with time lines and resources. Ongoing support will be provided to ensure that goals are achieved.

What our clients are saying

“Philip has been our accountant since we launched our business in 1990. He has always been responsive to our needs and offered creative but prudent advice. He adds significant further value due to his strategic insight and his understanding of human behaviour; in fact, some of our conversations feel almost like therapy! Oh yes - and a great sense of humour! ”
Clive Harrison
“Philip Martin has been our accountant for over 20 years. We have come to rely heavily on him for advice and personal service. We value his experience and professional approach. He is always available to offer assistance (with a sense of humour) and has acted on our behalf in our dealings with the bank, tax office, ASIC, and more over the years. Highly recommended. ”
Rose Hamill
“Philip is excellent. He is approachable, doesn't use jargon and is truly an expert in his field. After a disappointing experience with a larger firm, I was glad to find someone who offered the personal service Philip provides. I now consider him one of my most trusted advisers. ”
Mortgage Broker Melbourne
“I have known Philip for a number of years, and he has been an essential part of my business growth. Philip's expertise and knowledge are unquestionable, and his personal approach is what makes him a standout in his field.”
Jim Georgiou
“A highly knowledgeable and thorough professional.”
Rasneet Chawla
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“If you're not measuring something, you're not going to improve it”

~ Philip Martin
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