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Managing your business is a challenge. With so many other urgent things to deal with every day and a vested interest in the businesses success, it can be hard to be certain you're doing the right thing. Rather than becoming overwhelmed and frustrated, sacrificing time that should be spent with the people and things you love, consider the array of financial services offered by PMCA Advisory.

At PMCA we understand that no business owner can be an expert in everything which is why we have a team of experts with years of experience in their fields. From the basics of Business Compliance, through to Virtual CFO and Business Advisory services we have something for every area of financial management. 

Read more about our services below: 

Our Services

Business Compliance Services

Business compliance services deal with the statutory regulations of ASIC and ATO. At PMCA Advisory we work with you to ensure your regulatory obligations are met on time, so that you can spend your time focussing on your business.

Typical tasks involved

Preparation of:

  • Annual Financial Reports
  • Annual Income Tax Returns
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Returns 
  • Periodic Business and Instalment Activity Statements (BAS & IAS)
  • Annual maintenance of corporate documentation for ASIC compliance
  • Accounting software set up (Xero, MYOB etc) and management.

Virtual CFO Services

A Virtual CFO (Virtual Chief Financial Officer) provides financial services remotely giving SMEs access to expert financial advice when and where it is needed.  You only pay for the services you need.

Virtual CFO’s give the business an objective overview of data to provide you with cash flow management and strategic planning to improve business performance. 

Typical tasks involved

  • Financial Reporting 
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financing decisions
  • Product / service profitability analysis

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory is not accounting. It begins with an examination of all facets of your business. We look at where your business is right now and where you want it to be. It goes beyond the financials as we explore the people and roles in your 

team, marketing, suppliers and more. 

In consultation with PMCA Advisory, you will make evidence-based decisions, strategically choosing the actions that will have the greatest positive impact on both the bottom line and culture of your business.

Typical tasks involved

  • Executive and Business Coaching
  • Business Funding 
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Structuring and Restructuring.
  • Business Planning and Strategy development.

What You Can Expect

Business Compliance Services

With PMCA Advisory Business Compliance Services you can expect to meet your business obligations without stress.

Being proactive means we have an experienced, senior accountant conduct regular, monthly, check-ins with you, by phone or Zoom. This enables us to relate to you as part of your team and  stay on top of issues as they emerge.

We’ll also help ‘flag’ any issues so they don’t become a problem, keeping your business going strong.

Virtual CFO Services

PMCA Advisory’s Virtual CFO services offer a laser focus into the financial aspects of your business. It provides an advanced level of professional involvement  into the financial and management issues in your business. Our mantra “To be of value” comes to the fore as your Virtual CFO. 

Together with skills producing 3-way Cash Flow Forecasts, knowledge gained from real world experience and an extensive portfolio of clients over many years, PMCA Advisory helps you to make the strategic decisions necessary for growth.

Formal meetings with our specialists whether Monthly or Quarterly, covering all Financial and Tax matters focusing on:

  • Planning
  • Responsibility
  • Execution
  • Measurable Results

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services provide the highest level of service of all PMCA Advisory’s offerings.

At this level of service you can expect to have the expertise of the right person at the right time. 

Led by our founder and CEO, Philip Martin, this is a truly unique opportunity to have a network of advisors in your management team.

A network that you have access to whenever you need it, together with regular accountability for results.

What Service Will Best Suit You?

Business Compliance Services

Whether you are buying your first business or want a tailored approach to your reporting needs, our Business Compliance services are a valuable addition to your business.

Rather than spend your valuable time on endless rules and regulations, adding to the demands of running your business, let PMCA Advisory’s team of expert Melbourne accountants help you meet your regulatory requirements.

Virtual CFO Services

If you’re a business owner no longer content looking in the rear-view mirror and are ready to elevate your business, PMCA Advisory’s tailored Virtual CFO services will suit your needs. 

As your Virtual CFO we’ll provide the structure, tools and experience to make informed financial decisions and drive your business forward.

Business Advisory Services

Looking to grow your business to a new level? Thinking you might need a coordinated approach for guidance in your strategic decision making? Looking to go beyond the financial aspects of your business and into operations and strategic planning? You could benefit from our Business Advisory Services. 

By conducting an examination of the critical aspects of your business you’ll have the basis for effective decision making. With the Team at PMCA Advisory in your court, you will be better informed to play the winning shot.

What our clients are saying

“PMCA has been our accountant since we launched our Business in 1990. They have always been responsive to our needs and offered creative but prudent advice. Philip adds significant further value due to his strategic insight and his understanding of human behaviour; in fact, some of our conversations feel almost like therapy! Oh yes - and a great sense of humour! ”
Clive Harrison
“PMCA has been our accountant for over 20 years. We have come to rely heavily on them for advice and personal service. We value their experience and professional approach. They are always available to offer assistance (with a sense of humour) and have acted on our behalf in our dealings with the bank, tax office, ASIC, and more over the years. Highly recommended. ”
Rose Hamill
“Philip is excellent. He is approachable, doesn't use jargon and is truly an expert in his field. After a disappointing experience with a larger firm, I was glad to find someone who offered the personal service Philip provides. I now consider him one of my most trusted advisers. ”
Mortgage Broker Melbourne
“I have known Philip for a number of years, and he has been an essential part of my business growth. Philip's expertise and knowledge are unquestionable, and his personal approach is what makes him a standout in his field.”
Jim Georgiou
“A highly knowledgeable and thorough professional.”
Rasneet Chawla
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