The PMCA Advisory Advantage

Ensure your financial strategy is working with you, not against you.

What do we bring to the table when working with clients?

✔ Proactive versus reactive advice
✔ Proven analytical and consultative tools and     processes to support your business decision     making
✔ Strategic financial management insights
✔ Absolute client focus by working with you on a     monthly or quarterly basis
✔ Focus on leading indicators of performance versus lagging outdated information

Your current circumstances are explained by your past decisions. Your future is not

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants who help Australian Businesses to take control of their business future. By introducing specialist processes of analysis, strategic planning and regular accountability, we help our clients grow profit, cash and value.

The people you employ, the business model you adopt,
your financial strategy, the way you market and promote
your product or service, your pricing model,  your client
service, and delivery – all need  to focus on your endgame.
 If you look at a decision that is taking you further away from that:

It’s the wrong decision.


PMCA will determine where your business is right now. By researching existing resources as well as the risks your company is facing, costly problems can be altered to create opportunity.


Next, it is essential to set key financial targets for the future, establishing a grassroots financial decision-making process,
inclusive of all departments, to ensure efficiency moving forward.


With all of this information, we develop a custom financial strategy that aligns with your goals, ensuring enough funding is available to meet the needs of your company with regular reviews to keep everything on track.

What our clients are saying

“PMCA has been our accountant since we launched our Business in 1990. They have always been responsive to our needs and offered creative but prudent advice. Philip adds significant further value due to his strategic insight and his understanding of human behaviour; in fact, some of our conversations feel almost like therapy! Oh yes - and a great sense of humour! ”
Clive Harrison
“PMCA has been our accountant for over 20 years. We have come to rely heavily on them for advice and personal service. We value their experience and professional approach. They are always available to offer assistance (with a sense of humour) and have acted on our behalf in our dealings with the bank, tax office, ASIC, and more over the years. Highly recommended. ”
Rose Hamill
“Philip is excellent. He is approachable, doesn't use jargon and is truly an expert in his field. After a disappointing experience with a larger firm, I was glad to find someone who offered the personal service Philip provides. I now consider him one of my most trusted advisers. ”
Mortgage Broker Melbourne
“I have known Philip for a number of years, and he has been an essential part of my business growth. Philip's expertise and knowledge are unquestionable, and his personal approach is what makes him a standout in his field.”
Jim Georgiou
“A highly knowledgeable and thorough professional.”
Rasneet Chawla
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